Gallery Stack 3 limited to 100 images?

Hi I switched from Wordpress to RW8 using Gallery Stack 3 for photoalbum purposes.
Now I discover when having a collection smaller that 100 images it is fairly good - but the albums are around 1000 images the slide show does not respond that fast (especially in the beginning) after a while it works okay but not at start! What do I do wrong? With Gallery Stack 3 i use Web directories option running on a self hosted Mac Mini server High Sierra SSD drives and optic line 150/150 Mbit - Overall the site is slower than using WP … if you want to have a look anybody an idea what i do wrong or what settings I should make to speed up the site? Thank you!

  1. I see no problem on your site, I see a album of 1300(!) images.

  2. Don’t display that many pictures. IMHO, no one will click through them all on a website.

  3. Use the thumbs sub folder for a faster grid display, see inStacks Software | Gallery Stack 3 - The most versatile and kick-ass Photo Gallery

Gosh. Don’t do that. Use a proper hosting company for your website.

  1. As always, drop me a line here if you need help:
    inStacks Software | Contact

Thanks Jannis


I totally agree with Jannis. Having a gallery with 1300 images is insane. Nobody will go through more than 50-100, even if your images are masterpieces. Have mercy on your viewers!

As for slow loading—your images are way too big and heavy. I downloaded one of them to my computer. Here’s what I found out:

—Image size: 1.7 MB
—Image dimensions: 2304 x 1728 pixels

You are using images taken straight from a camera—with no color correction, no reduction in dimensions and no optimization for use on the web. No wonder that they are loading at a snail speed.


If you need more specific explanations on how to optimize images for web, here’s another thread that deals with that: What stock photo width x height + dpi to choose? Before resizing for SEO


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