Impact v1.2 now with Ken Burns effects

I don’t normally post about updates here. However, today I released Impact v1.2. It adds a bunch of new features. My favorite one is the new Ken Burns effects for slideshows. I updated the main Impact demo to use the Ken Burns effect. You have to agree that its stunning!

Release Notes:



BIG update, thank you!

It is very much appreciated when Developers announce their launches and updates here, it helps remind people that they should keep their plugins current…



You can keep up to date on all of my updates in numbers ways…

My Update Blog:
Weaver News:

The Realmac Community site has an activity feed. Once they add an API, I will make sure that I post all updates when they happen. Until then, my guys and I try to remember to update the products a couple times per month.


You’re on an update frenzy this week! Keep up the great work Joe.


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Does the Kern Burns effects works on Chrome? I’m not able to see them… Is just me?

Works great for me, see this video.

Thanks Zeebe. It was a cache issue. Working fine now.
It does really look better than i thought specially when mixing video and static images.

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Impact is great, but …
… the video in the slideshow don’t work on the iPad.
I see the video only on “your” video :wink:

Video is disabled on touch devices. The reason is that Apple does not allow autoplay of video :frowning:

Hello Joe
Thank you. I did not know that. This is a pity. I wonder why?

Amazing Update, Joe… It would be great to have the Ken Burns Effect for TotalCMS items too.

Data usage. Most of the world has very limited and expensive data. So video content needs to be click-to-play.

Thank you. That makes sense.

Enabled the KB effect on an existing Impact…nice!!!


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Great update. What theme is the demo site made with?

Its made with my Foundation theme