Ken Burns effect

Hi all,

I’m wondering if there is an image stack that will have images do a Ken Burns effect of panning and zooming. I would like to use something like that for some images…especially for headers.

I thought I had seen a stack do this but can’t seem to find it now…any suggestions.

Cheers Scott

Like this?

Hi Rob,

Yep that is what I was looking for…sort of a Ken Burns effect.

I wonder if I can place that in other 3rd party themes header areas as well his own Kinfolk theme?

Cheers Scott

I don’t own Kinfolk so I can’t guarantee it but I’d be amazed if it was for his own themes only. On the site it simply says that it requires Stacks 2/3. Shoot him an email to see what he says?

The Impact stack by Joe Workman does not have this yet, but it is coming soon. Hopefully by the first of the year.

Ken Burns is working with but only on non responsive sites :confused:

Hi Kris,
Thanks, great work…I’ll have a look at that theme. Also been told that the Kinfolk theme by Michael David
Design has zoom and pan effects too.
Can I ask what shopping cart you are using?
Cheers Scott

Hi Zeebe
Thanks for the advise, will look forward to the update for Impact.
Cheers Scott