Import One Page from RW 6 to 8

I finally upgraded from RW 6 to 8. However, there was one page I created in 6, after I created my RW 8 project and have since published my RW 8 project without that page. Is there and easy way to migrate that page out of 6 to 8, or do I have to rebuild the whole thing? It wouldn’t be impossible;, but time consuming and frustrating, and would like to avoid if I can. Thank you

Can you still open the project in RW6?

If you can, then I’d:

  1. Make a copy of the project first, call it something single-page.
  2. take the copy and delete every page except the one page you want.
  3. Close the project file in RW6, and shut down RW6.
  4. Open the new single page project in RW8, that should convert the single page to the RW8 format.

If that works, then you should be able to open the existing RW8 project file with all the other pages on it and the new single page RW8 project file in two separate windows (not tabs but windows). Then you should be able to grab the single page(in the page list) with the mouse and drag it to the main project page list. You should see a blue line where it will end up before you let it go.

Of Course backup everything before you try this.


Pure Genius!!! Had I only send this before I started re-creating. But you saved me a lot of formatting time. Thank you!

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