Upgrading project to RW 8


I’ve upgraded to RW 8 so that I can create a new website for my small business. The previous website is on RW 7, and it would help a lot if I can migrate everything from RW 7 rather than starting from scratch. But I haven’t been able to move my project over. The FAQ section advises control click to open the project in RW 7, but this doesn’t seem to open it. Any advice (in one-syllable language for a technical beginner!) would be very much appreciated.

PS I can open the project in RW 7, but the control-click open is supposed to bring up an ‘open with…’ option so that I can then select ‘open with RW 8’ and this doesn’t happen.

Can you try dragging the RW7 project file on the RW8 icon in the dock? When you do it, make sure only RW8 is open, and not RW7.

You should get a prompt from RW8 asking if you want to update the file to RW8.

I just tried it and it did work.

It worked! And everything I’ve done so far has been saved in the updated version. Thanks so much-- appreciated.

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