Impossibile to open pluging because Apple cannot check the presence of malware

If you’re talking about YourHead, I’m surprised, Tagging @isaiah.

Rapidcart tagging @rob .

RapidCart 3 is a discontinued product not sold nor supported anymore.
RapidCart Pro 4 is our latest product and it fully supports Catalina.

My current issue is that I am not even able to register Stack with the code I have.

Which version of the Stacks plugin do you have installed? Which version of the Stacks plugin did you last purchase?

Could it be you’re trying a serial number from an older version with a new version?

Of course: I have the license for version 2 and the installed plugin for version 4, the only version working on macOS Catalina. How may adjust the thing without having to purchase everything anew.

You’ll need to upgrade, it’s that simple. Have you tried upgrading from Stacks 2 to Stacks 4? Give it a try using using your Stacks 2 serial number to upgrade.

But Stacks 4 will not work with Stacks 2 serial number.

If I enter the serial number no option is offered to upgrade. How may I do it instead?

It looks like you can’t upgrade from Stacks 2 to Stacks 4. You can upgrade from Stacks 3 to 4 with the discounted upgrade price.

Unless @isaiah knows a way, you might have to pay the full price for Stacks 4.

The upgrade notice says " Note: A valid Stacks 3 serial number will be required to use this upgrade. If you don’t already own Stacks 3 you should click here."

It might be quicker and easier to buy the standalone Stacks 4

I guessed that. Next question: given there is a bundle offer for a number of stacks I already have, do I need to also upgrade them, so to better buy the full package with a 30% discount, or do I need to only purchase the stacks and use the others as they are.
The issue is quite important because if I just purchase stacks and then I discover the other stacks in the bundle do not work, I would need to also purchase them at full price!

What I would do is not upgrade those plugins/stacks unless they’re vital for your projects. You could download the latest versions of those plugins/stacks and use the serial numbers you have to see if they work. You might not need to upgrade any/all of them.
You can test them by installing the demo version of Stacks4, which you will need to purchase an upgrade for.

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There is upgrade pricing from the previous version – but not from versions before that. Other plugins may not need upgrading, you should check. Most of them have just had free updates over the past ten years.

I’ve only done paid updates for Stacks and PlusKit – because I added a lot to both over the years – everything else is free. :smiley:

Ok, it seems I only need to shell out the 59 dollar for the stacks plugin, and the rest shall fit in, the third time I do it, but it is ok.

The real cause of the problems you’re seeing isn’t the addons developers fault. The blame lyes with Apple and the Catalina upgrade. The requirement that a software product that’s been on your computer for years, stops working because Apple says it can’t be trusted is total BS.

You should be the one to decide what you want to trust not Apple.

Each release of MacOS, things are getting more and more locked down. At this rate it won’t be long until our Macs will be locked up tight, just like iPhones and iPads where you have to purchase everything through the app store so Apple gets their 30% cut.

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