🔥 RapidWeaver 8.4 and macOS Catalina Plugin Compatibility

Hello Weavers,

The good news is that RapidWeaver 8.4 appears to be compatible with macOS Catalina, the bad news is that all third-party plugins will need to be updated.

I believe pretty much every plugin from YourHead works just fine (just make sure you have the latest versions), however your millage may vary regarding other third-party plugins. You’ll want to check with the plugin developers before updating to Catalina.

Any plugin that is no longer in development will not work with Catalina. There’s nothing we can do about this, it’s 100% down to  and the third-party developers.

Gatekeeper in macOS 10.15 now requires plugins to be signed by the plugin developer otherwise the system will reject them. Please be careful when upgrading to Catalina if you rely on old plugins. Some plugins are no longer developed and as such will never be compatible with macOS Catalina.

The plugin load problem was identified during the Catalina beta period. 3rd party developers should be correctly codesigning their plugins and ensuring they continue to work in macOS Catalina.

We’ll release RapidWeaver 8.4 GM in the coming weeks once we’re sure all the kinks have been worked out. In the meantime you can use the 8.4 beta (it’s what I’m doing for the RM site and it’s working great).

In short, if you’re unsure about upgrading, just stick with macOS Mojave until the dust settles.

Happy Weaving!


UPDATE: See developer replies below for up-to-date plugin news :+1:

Plugins that work with RapidWeaver 8.4 and Catalina

Please make sure you are running the latest version of all plugins, some may even require a beta version.

  • Accordion
  • Blocks
  • Collage
  • FAQMaker
  • Flow
  • Lockdown
  • PlusKit
  • Stacks 4
  • Stacks 3
  • SiteMap
  • Formloom 4
  • Emporter
  • RapidCart Pro 4
  • RapidMaps 4
  • RapidBot 3
  • Ecwid Online Store

Unsupported Plugins

These plugins have been confirmed as not working under macOS Catalina.

  • WeaverPix
  • Waterfall
  • WP-Blog

All YourHead plugins are Catalina compatible and notarized.

Of course the includes Stacks 4, but it also includes Stacks 3, and all the LogHound plugins we took over a few years ago.

PlusKit and Lockdown are still in beta – but the beta is public (so please come and try it out) – the release version of both of these final two should be released at the end of the week.


Formloom 4 Catalina version can be downloaded here:


Can Realmac please create a one place for developers to check in and list which addons are being updated and by when?


Thank you for sorting Formloom so quickly. Much appreciated.


Can’t reply on the original thread as now closed, so also came here to thank you for fixing this in <24 hours. Amazing work.

good idea! Please all compatibility info in one place!


Please see the original post above for an updated list :+1:


Just a question about Stacks Plugin: do these Stacks Modules, such as SectionsPro.stack (Big White Duck), Tabulous2.stack (Joe Workman) or S4S-TopBox4.stack (Stacks4Stacks), ask for no update to work under Catalina? … Thank you.

I believe the individual stacks shouldn’t be impacted by the gatekeeper issue. It’s only plugins. So if you are up to date with stacks 4 or stacks 3 “plugins” those should work.

It sounds as if you need to be running the beta version of RapidWeaver(8.4) and some of the other plugins listed above to be compatible with Catalina. If you haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet and you don’t want to be a beta tester, then you’ll be better off waiting.

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Perfect, thank you for your return @teefers :slightly_smiling_face:

This is very disappointing and frustrating. Realmac should have informed users NOT to upgrade to Catalina upon release if they were aware of all these issues.
I’ve upgraded my computers to the offical 10.15 release, and now can’t even get RW to open. The failed plugins screen freezes and goes no further.
Now, I have to waste a day restoring and getting everything registered again from backup just to be able to update some websites.
A major fail on realmac’s behalf I’m afraid from a users perspective with this release.

RapidWeaver 8.4 works on Catalina, it may just be a single outdated plugin that is causing you issues.
Check the list above, and make sure you update to the latest plugins, you can do this by directly downloading them from the developers.

If you hold down “option” when you launch RapidWeaver it will give you an option to launch without third-party plugins enabled. If you do this does RW launch and run okay?

As I said before, I’m using Catalina RW 8.4 and it’s working just fine. I certainly wouldn’t revert your Macs back to 10.14, I’d spend the time getting RW 8.4 up and running on Catalina.

Many Thanks


Well after my initial disappointment at 8.3 not working on Catalina, 8.4 beta works just great :hugs: many thanks.

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Why no blame on the user? Isn’t it up to the individual user to ensure that his/her computer works properly? And just one of the responsibilities is to make sure apps will work when a new OS is release?

I’m still on High Sierra. Why? Because I still use apps that will fail to work on future releases at some point. Until I know I can get updated apps, or, work out alternatives, I will remain on High Sierra.


Completely agree here as well @1611mac, you and you alone are in charge of your own machines, and you need to know what works and what doesn’t on them. Good point!

And to clarify… I should not have said “blame” - I should have said “Why no responsibility put on the user”… I was not trying to cast any “blame” on anyone… just trying to stress that we are all each responsible for our “rigs.”


Anyone know if Armadillo works?

Armadillo is all stacks (not a separate plugin), so if stacks work then it should not be impacted by Catalina. I haven’t upgraded to Catalina and am not planning to in the near future so I can’t say for sure. I have too many other “Catalina Issues” like 32bit applications and iTunes Scripts that need to be addressed before even attempting.