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Currently using Rapidweaver 7, which is adequate for my needs. Also have a number of plug ins, including Collage2, which I use extensively throughout my site.

Updated to Mac OS Catalina earlier in the week; just opened Rapidweaver for the first time since the upgrade & received a number of warning messages that plugins, including Collage2 & Sitemap couldn’t be opened since the origin couldn’t be verified. The full message is " “Collage2.rapidweaverplugin” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.; The only options presented are " Move to Trash" & Cancel.

Don’t understand why this is happening since there was no problem with previous OS. Is this a situation where Apple have updated the security requirements & these two plugins have been missed amongst all those needed to be updated?

Coincidentally, just had a message about V8.4 being fully compliant with OS Catalina but really don’t see why I should spend further since my version of the software does all that I need it to. If the only way to resolve this is to upgrade, then I feel that the upgrade should be a complimentary one since I’ve paid for the original version & am now frustrated from using it through no fault of my own.

Might want to check out this post

I don’t know what the issue is here, but as a general point, you chose to upgrade to the latest macOS whilst using an older version of Rapidweaver - not very old granted - but it was built for pre-Catalina versions of macOS and I don’t see why RW7 should be updated for compatibility when RW has moved on to release 8. A line has to be drawn somewhere and making old versions compatible with the latest OS is not good business sense unless it’s a paid for upgrade - in which case take the paid for upgrade to v8.

If you’re happy with RW7, keep using it - just on the macOS it was built for

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You’re going to probably find other compatibility issues with Catalina other than using RapidWeaver. If you don’t keep all your apps current it’s best practice to check things out prior to doing an OS upgrade.

Apple continuously make changes that can cause apps to no longer function. Catalina no longer supports 32bit apps, requires a new level of developer “Notarization” or applications and plugins won’t run.

“ no fault of my own.”. You did upgrade your macOS. How far back should “complimentary” upgrades go? I have Microsoft Office 2011, it won’t run on Catalina(32bit) should I get a free upgrade?

RapidWeaver 8 is over a year old. I’m not saying you have to upgrade every application with every release, but things Can get out dated pretty quickly. It’s your responsibility to make sure application you use and rely on work prior to upgrading the operating system they work on.


Prior to upgrading, I did check that all the software that I use was 64 bit - most is Apple anyway & RW7 was. Therefore, I think it a more that a little irritating that despite this, elements don’t work. What I can’t understand is if the basic RW has the right ticks in the right boxes, then it seems more than a little perplexing then sub elements aren’t automatically “ticked” in the same way. I say this probably in some ignorance as I’m not a software developer & there’s probably a good reason why things have to be done separately but from a practical perspective, I’m struggling to see it.

On a separate note, thanks for the reference to the “YourHead Status Report” post. I’ll post a message on that stand re these two for Isiah.

I did choose to upgrade, as is sensible policy for any software user. Before doing so, I did check through Apple Diagnostics, that the programmes which I use were compliant. Having seen the “green light” for RW7 (and other critical ones), it’s reasonable to assume that all will be ok. I’m not a software developer so these intricacies are well beyond me, and most other users I don’t doubt.

Fortunately another responded did provide a constructive & helpful reply from which I see that notarisation if the older plugins is ongoing.

That’s more a question for Apple, their the ones that are “locking down” the OS for no real reason. The plugins you mentioned are not from RealMac but from a third party. Just checking for 64bit vs 32bit isn’t necessarily enough. Apple has gotten really bad with backwards compatibility with each new OS upgrade.

I have no intention of upgrading to Catalina for some time. Probably won’t till next summer.

I think many of us were hoping that iOS/iPadOS was going to be more like OSX/macOS but it seems to be going the other way. macOS is locking down like iOS.

I was under the impression that the Apple check is about apps that are 32bit or 64bit - support for the former being ditched by Apple in Catalina. So whilst this is one level of assurance it isn’t the whole story.

I do however feel that software developers should be clear about compatibilities like this - and Realmac, like many others, are not. It isn’t hard to make an announcement along the lines of: ‘if you require Catalina compatibility, please ensure you upgrade to RW8 as we are not actively updating earlier versions’ - I haven’t been able to find anything like this - it’s all somewhat vague.

You can also just disable gatekeeper. You will be giving up some security but you will be able to go back to normal computing.

There are ways of handling security without it having to cripple software you want to use. I don’t need Apple or anybody else deciding what software I can use on my Mac. Apple more and more is taking control over our property.

Giving people warnings about issues is one thing. Blocking me from using plugins from developers I’ve known for years is another matter.

Use Terminal to disable Gatekeeper. You are doing this at your own risk. Make sure you understand what the risks are. Security is an involved topic with many layers to it. Understanding it and getting proper software and hardware protection in place is important. The benefits are worthwhile…

The most important thing you can do is to properly back up your data, use strong passwords, encrypt drives and monitor your money. Do what you are comfortable with and make sure you understand the risks/benefits.

All of my Rapidweaver plugins still work just fine is one benefit.

Go to
Click on the free download button.
That will install the updated software.

Thanks Jon. Apologies for the delay in acknowledging - been away for a few days & wanted to wait until I could complete the download & confirm that all is now well with Collage.

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