List of Plugins NOT WORKING in Catalina?

If you’ve upgraded to Catalina and discovered plugs that don’t work, could you list them here?

I think this is the official List:


Thx! I was hoping for a list of non-working plugins that other users have discovered. This list is quite incomplete given that pantheon of plugins that long-time RW users have deployed on various older projects at one time or another.

There aren’t a lot of plugins out there for RapidWeaver. And by plugins I mean “page types.” For instance Stacks is a page type, or plugin. But the multitude of individual add ons for stacks don’t count as plugins, so they do not need updating. Same goes for themes. The plugin list for stacks is smaller than you think as most non-plugin addons for RW are either themes or stacks addons.


Thank you!

What Adam said. If you have a specific “plug-in” Then its probably best to ask.

The Ecwid Online Store I think has been updated since that list.

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Collage2, LockDown should have upgrades available.
RapidBlog or Payloom, I don’t think they are around anymore. Someone else may know more or check with the developers

RapidSearch hasn’t been a plugin in years.

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