In Markdown - how to center on page Left Align text?

Simple Question ( or it should be ) - see image -
How do I position a block of left aligned text,
to the Center of the page,
but keep the text left aligned,
and not have it switch to Centre Alignment ?

That could be done with padding or margin.

Don’t know what’s around what you are showing, don’t know if it’s a stacks page or what?

URL would be helpful.

Rapid Weaver 8 - just a basic markdown page -
no page posted yet - trying to get to posting !
Do you know the code to use for padding ?
Can you give a brief how too ?

Example of markdown so far -
but everything I try to center the text and keep it left aligned
just doesn’t work … any help would be so appreciated.
Seems like it should be simple… but nope !!

#Full Design Services
#from Concept to Completion

Creative Consulting & Development
Consulting and Concept Exploration
Design and Creative Development
Full Artwork Production
Media Purchase Management
Full Campaign Placement Management

Print Marketing Material
Full Management of Printing Projects
All forms of 4 Colour Offset Printing
Design of Brochures
Design of Kit Folders

It’s difficult to say without seeing it on a page.

Using a markdown page(not stacks) could make tougher to do.

When you said center, do you want it truly centered? And what is going to be centered? From the diagram above the top right (“to This”) isn’t centered, but has some padding or margin on the right side.

To give CSS without a URL is next to impossible, themes will vary what and how you apply them.

Centered - as in moved right but text left aligned .
It’s a list basically -
so true center is not important
since it will rag to the right to varying amounts.
I just want a more balanced look without all content at the left.

If I could just get the padding code - I could experiment.
It’s just Voyager - version 8 .

old site - new site is not posted - that what I’m working on …

If all you want is the list moved over you could start with this:

ul {

That will move all unordered list over.

is that just copy paste as is ? and if so where is it placed ?

Copy and paste into the CSS area (page inspector)

It did not seem to do anything :frowning:

DONE in PHOTOSHOP - trying to make it look more like this …

Oh Please Good Sir … if you know the answer ???

Those aren’t list or look anything like the sample you gave above.

You want to shift the main content over not just the unordered list.

No longer at a Mac right now, without a actual URL to a page it’s difficult to get proper help.

Ok Doug …
Perhaps the best approach is just do the page
as Aligned LEFT …
POST IT to web …
and re-address this conundrum at a later date.
But I very much appreciate you taking time to look at it thus far …
I’ll hope to look at this again with you when the page is ‘up’ .

You may want to take a look at Stacks by YourHead software. It adds a new page type to RW. Instead of a markdown page, you would create a Stacks page. You can then use any number of stacks (not the small s) to add content to the page. There is a markdown stack included with it. Using Stacks you will have way more control over formatting of items on the page and it will allow you to use lots of stacks.

A stack is a block of page content (heading, image, markdown, paragraph, etc.) that can be added to the page. It allows you to position them using settings in the inspector panel.

You can download a demo and try it for yourself. Most of us feel it is an essential plugin for RW.

You can try this for the Voyager theme(replace the CSS above):

 #content {
	padding-left: 80px;

That did it :slight_smile:
Thank You so much -
now it’s just a visual
trial and error process
for the amount
based on the content.
Thank You Doug -
I really appreciate your advice.

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