RW 7.1 "un-optimized"?

What does it mean when RW says it is exporting “un-optimized” stuff.

Why un-optimized?

How would one optimize?


Did you find an answer? I have the same question.

It means the plugin being used on this page does not take advantage of the new concurrent export features of RapidWeaver 7.1. You’ll want to contact the plugin developer and ask them to update their plugins to support it.

Most plugins work automatically with the new behaviour, but RapidWeaver allows plugins to opt out of this if it causes issues for them.


Thank you. Seems like some standards are in order.

How do you figure out what is not up to date. I have pressed all the update buttons I can find and everything comes back as having the latest.

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The current Check For Updates button in Rapidweaver ONLY checks for Rapidweaver and third party plugins. To update stacks, open a Stacks page and click the Updates button at the bottom of the stacks column.

And, remember, just because there’s not an update for an item doesn’t mean it’s compatible with the latest versions of Rapidweaver or Stacks.

I’m getting the un-optimized export message in RW8. Stacks, Foundry and all other stacks are reporting up to date. Any suggestions?

My first suggestion would be to create a new topic instead of adding onto a two year old post about a different version of RapidWeaver.