Incorrect address for linked resources

I am using RW 6.3.7 (15153) with El Capitan and Stacks 3. The website is hosted on an Addon Domain. Files are transferred using FTP protocol.

When I add a new document as a resource, RW places the resource document on the site’s server at a location like: “http://maindomain/AddonDomain/resources/subdirectoty/filename”. To me, that seems exactly as it should be.

For some of the instances when the site contains a link to this document, the document will open (and “http://maindomain/AddonDomain/resources/subdirectoty/filename” appears in the address line of the browser) … all of which seems to me exactly as it should be.

However, for some other files, the document will not open … and the address line of the browser contains an address like: “http://maindomain/resources/subdirectoty/filename” – without the Addon Domain name in the address. Manually typing the Addon Domain into the address takes one to the desired file … however without manually modifying the address provided by RW, the file doesn’t appear … all of which seems normal since the resource file isn’t at the newly-invected address. What isn’t normal is that RW saved the resource file and put it in the standard location and sometimes even links to that same location for the file … however, for other locations RW links to a different location (a location that does NOT exist not he server) to get the same file.

The only pattern I’ve noticed (in a very small number of examples – I’m just starting the site) is that when the link is located on a mail page from the main menu of the site, the link works well but when the link is located on a sub-age that is accessed from a main page, the link goes to the different (and incorrect) address.

What can I do to get the links working and to reduce frustration for this RW newbie?

Have to say - never come across this issue. if you can send a project file over I’d be interested in taking look. What theme are you using?