Info on .rwaddon installer package

RapidWeaver 6 shipped with a .rwaddon extension that could contain any number of addons to be installed by RapidWeaver.

  1. Where is this documented?
  2. Is anyone using this?

I never used it before because when RW6 launched, I still wanted to support RW5 users. I would like to use it with RW7 now since v6 should still support it. Also my current installer will have issues when users have changed their default addons location in RW7.

The extension is apparently .rwaddons

Here is how the contents package needs to be structured.

I have heard from another dev that support went through the roof when he moved to using this. I guess it did not work for a lot of users. I obviously do not want to increase support. Any other feedback would be great.

I did notice that themes do not get installed into a Themes folder. That would be a welcome fix.

Also, it would be super awesome if I could ship demo files inside this and they could show inside the Examples tab in the projects window. Possible?

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Here are the facts on my experience with .rwaddons installers :

I started distributing 70+ stacks using the .rwaddons installer as an option in my DMG for RW6 owners, just after the launch of RW6.
My support box exploded with reports of the .rwaddons installer failing, and presenting that non-descript error message, “the add-on could not be installed” or something of that nature.
I could not replicate the issue here. EVER.
I reported the issue to Nik.
He could not replicate the issue, with a sample installer of mine, that I sent him.
I supplied console logs from customers who experienced the issue, which yielded nothing either.
Neither Nik or apparently anyone in the Realmac office could replicate the issue with one of my installers.
It continued, and I continued to get bombarded with support for the issue, so I reverted, and pulled all those installers from circulation.

I re-visited the issue for whatever reason a couple of months ago on the off chance.
Note I could still not replicate it here.
This time when I sent Nik a sample installer, he did indeed see the issue for him self, and stated they traced it to a threading issue.
I expected it would be fixed, but never heard.
Nothing ever appeared in release notes.

Can Realmac confirm this was indeed found and fixed and we can safely use .rwaddons to install stacks now?

I remember hearing about the issue and I don’t know off the top of my head if it was fixed…
I guess your support when through the roof because it was buggy, sorry about that :frowning:

We can look at fixing (or making sure it’s fixed) during the 7.0 betas - Can you send me some of your addons in the .rwaddons format.

As always email :slight_smile: