RW7 addons installation issue

Double-clicking on a addon, the Addons Installer window appears.
When you click on install, addon isn’t installed.

Does this happen for all addons or just the RapidCart Pro plugin?

Can you send us that plugin(s)?

Just trying our latest RCP build on RW7.
Installation on RW6 went smoothly.
I’ve sent the plugin to support@rms.

I like the new overview modal window. But re-installing Stacks (with this, updating) will not work when performing double click or drag’n’drop on the app icon.
Version 7.0 (17505b)

Can you send us the old version along with the new version so we can test the install/bug here:


It happens with all Stacks, which are already installed.

I just installed the latest beta. I do see the “install” button is enabled.
Clicking install springs the RW7 manage add ons window into action, and informs me that the add-on has been installed.
The installer window now says “done” instead of “install”.
Click done.
But… No new add-on in sight, either wishing the Stacks library, the manage add ons area, or inspecting the RW7 add ons folder.
Checked the RW6 add ons folder on the off chance, but nope.
If it’s been installed somewhere, it’s certainly not in one of the Stacks folders inside RW add ons folder.
I have never opted to move the RW7 add ons folder to a location other than the default.

Was this a new or already installed stack?

I don’t have problems with new / not installed stacks, just the already installed ones cannot be updated. I have to delete them first :neutral_face:

New stack. I will try and install an updated version over my manual installation (manually placed in add ons folder) tomorrow, when I get back to it.

Update now works again in latest beta :slight_smile:

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No, I have to correct myself. Still the same problem :frowning:

This should be fixed. What version are you running?

Version 7.0 (17531b)

Hm, can you send Dan a copy of the old and new Stack that you’re trying to install please?

I know where the problem is. You are not allowing any more installing a stack with a lower or equal CFBundleVersion build number. Update will only work when the build number is higher.

This is different from RW6 and will definitely irritate a lot of users. And make us developers the live harder…

Just so I understand, is this so you can test your stack/plugin in RapidWeaver without constantly updating the version, or is there something else I’m missing?

Exactly, that is my personal reason.

But there are also users wanting to go back a version, or just install the same version number again (if it is a beta for example with some additional changes to the same version number).

Latest RW7 build seems to fix installation problem, but addon is actually copied, not moved.

@rob Good to hear :slight_smile:

@instacks - I think we’ll add an option for the user to go ahead and install the add-on anyway (eve if it’s an older version or the same version). We’ll show a warning before allowing them to do this.

On a side note, if the add-on is different in any way the version number should change. Always.


Sometimes I will ship a customer a beta of a stack and they are unable to install because the version number is the same. Although most of the time my build number is higher. I assume that RW is validating the version. Could it be changed to validate the version and build numbers?