Insecure image errors

(Lisa Sandler) #1

All of the sudden my images used in Foundation image stack are throwing http links and trying to load on https pages.
I’m going insane. Can anyone help?
@tav @joeworkman @zeebe

It’s random. Some images in Image stack, some in other stacks. I can’t figure it out. Anyone?

I’m freaking out :frowning:

(Vitor Costa) #2

Everything seams fine here @LSPhoto

(Lisa Sandler) #3

you’re not seeing this?

(Doug Bennett) #4

Yes, I see that. It looks like you have mixed content. Although it looks like your source for your images is pointing to an HTTPS source. Only difference I see is you are requesting:
and getting this:

Notice the WWW?

(Gary) #5

Have you recently changed your site into https?

Your images mentioned above are http:// and should be https:// to avoid these warnings. Basically every link should be https:// .

You will need to change every single http into a https.

(Lisa Sandler) #6

Doug-so what does that mean?
Gary-All my links are https. Greg just set me up with cloud flare, but I’ve been on https for at least a year now.

(Gary) #7

These links are not https

(Doug Bennett) #8

She’s been HTTPS for a while. if you look at the source you will see the image being requested is HTTPS:// (w/o WWW)
It is getting redirected to HTTP://WWW.

(Lisa Sandler) #9

But that’s the problem. They ARE!!! I promise you. Unless it’s CF still propagating.
18 AM

(Doug Bennett) #10

Try just changing the first one to add the WWW.
This worked before right? What is different about these links? It looks like you’re using Javascript to load maybe an alternate size?

(Lisa Sandler) #11

Everything worked fine before this morning and Greg doing CloudFlare for me last night.

That particular image is in Foundation image stack. And, it’s on the home page, which is not showing any errors any more for me. Do you see errors now?

(Gary) #12

I think the problem is that you have a http: site and a https: site. The http needs to be redirected to the https.

Enter your URL with http and https and then look at the warnings in the Safari Inspector. The https one shows warnings and the http one has no warnings.

You may find that a search engine still has the http one and is directing searches to the wrong one.

Update: Something funny with your redirect because it seems OK now. Wondering if you are fixing that as I am looking at your site.

(Lisa Sandler) #13

No, I think maybe it is Cloudflare catching up. Every time I refresh a page it’s different.

(Doug Bennett) #14

I think this has something to do with the redirect to WWW. For some reason, it may be redirecting you to http://WWW not https: just guessing at this point but the source shows you requesting https:

I still get 15 warnings on your homepage.

Take the first picture and change the file names to add the WWW then republish and try again (refresh CloudFlare). See if that will take you to 14 warnings.

(Lisa Sandler) #15

I think Greg set cloud flare to www, maybe that’s it?
Republished and purged CF. Still seeing clean home page now. What do you see if you clear your cache?

(Lisa Sandler) #16

I think most pages are back to normal. Missing a few images that are not linked correctly, but other than that I’m not seeing what I was seeing earlier.
Gary and Doug do you see improvement?

(Doug Bennett) #17

Yes, No warning now on the homepage. Other pages I checked seem ok, but they looked good earlier.

(Gary) #18

I can’t see the warnings that I saw earlier which are clearly visible in my first screenshot. So it seems ok now.

(Lisa Sandler) #19

whew. thank you. What a freaky few days I’ve had lol.