Insert a hero page in a theme

A question.
I wish I insert a hero page in the first page of my website.
But I use a theme (strata) which has its own margins and, therefore, does not allow that.
He know someone if there is a trick that would make this possible?

You can have different themes on a per page basis. SO you could make a new home page, use something like Impact by Joe Workman or one of the man other hero type stacks out there that has a link to your other pages and use Will’s Blank theme, or even Joe’s free Foundation theme for the page with the header in it.

thank you for your reply.
but I try to put a hero page (impact) just over a page using a theme. is it possible ?

(a strata theme page in this case.)

doesn’t strata have a full width option?

no. We can not put an element in full screen. The theme allows only placing stacks in its margins.

Ok, saw a style option there for full width, the developer probably left padding in that setting