How do you create an Upload File section & Button in Foundation Forms?

RapidWeaver / Foundation newbie here.

I purchased the Foundation series of stacks from Joe Workman (seemed the best solution for what I wanted to create online for my girlfriends company) and was hoping that in the Forms section there would be a label or what-have-you-not that include some sort of command that allows you to upload a document via email.

I am all new at this and have no understanding of how to code, modify CSS, etc. I’m pretty much a plain drag and drop kind of guy. And there does not appear to be any sort of plain English type of manual that I can find online anywhere that explains who to do that.

Any simple suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Foundation forms can’t do this at present.
FormSnap from can.

I’d love it if the Foundation forms had a file upload stack!!

Yeah. Someone should create a file upload stack that does just that function and nothing else. That would be most useful and become a popular stack.


I would be surprised if @joeworkman didn’t already have plans to add this as a feature in the future.

The Collect stack from Yuzool might be a solution.

You beat me to it! Yes, the collect stack sounds like a really good fit for this purpose. It is so easy to set up and use:

Check it out.


Joe Workman has 3 stacks for that. Check out the dispatch stacks. I was planning to do an upload page just as described with foundation forms and got it working with a little bit of added PHP but it is more complicated than just the form. (e.g. what should happen if the file name being uploaded is already present?) I didn’t actually implement an upload page but I looked closely at Dispatch Server Stack

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Can the Collect stack be used as a container on a password protected page to deliver a file such as a PDF into a specific folder on a specific server? I want to display a menu.pdf and customer needs to be able to upload their new version of menu.pdf into a /docs folder. Reading the Collect description, it seems that this is possible. Is this correct?

Also I see from the demo that a confirmation green tick appear when successful, but wondering what happens if it’s not successful for some reason. Is there any debug information in such an event?



There is no reason why the collect stack cannot sit behind a login page/access portal. It’s actually a very simple but effective stack whose composition is extremely well compartmentalised which makes it great for customisation.

There is a default folder created on the host ( <domain_root_folder>/files/uploads ) and all files get dropped into that path, so its important to set that folder up with write permissions.

There is not much logging turned on by default but options for troubleshooting do exist. There is a .php which executes when uploads happen so there is lots of opportunity to inject other behaviours/functionality - if that is your thing.

We are hopeful that we can give this stack some extra love in the near future with better logging, more flexible server side file containers and possibly options for email alerts when files have been uploaded.

I grabbed this image to show the server side:-

Thanks. Great answers. Understood now. Sounds like it is just what I have been looking for a few times. I found the share work concept of the way it is presented a bit distracting and didn’t think it would behave in this way. It’s a general purpose file upload stacks really. Looking forward to the enhancements.