Inserting photos and logos

Hello. I would like to set up a Gallery page on my website and also I need to place 5 logos on the bottom of each page. Can anybody tell me how to do this? The 5 logos could be inserted above or below the faint line above the footer.

Thank you

The absolute best way to do this would be to invest in the Stacks plugin. You’ll then discover a whole world of addons - like columns, grids, slots for images and so on, that you can use on your web pages.


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You seem to have managed to place two images side by side already in that area on this page;

Something similar can be done with the logos beneath those images although It might be easiest to use a grid stack with 1 row and 5 columns?
There are multiple ways to do it.
You can place all logos in 1 image using an external program unless they need to be separate links?

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