Pictures, sizing and positioning

Hi forum,

I am working on a site with a lot of old photos in a lot of different sizes, qualities and solutions. These photos are used in many ways, eg as links in archive pages, as illustrations together with text, and as headers at individual pages.

At the same time I need to make a site with a degree of standardization to it, which is very difficult because of the very different nature of the pictures.

The challenge is to size and position these very different pictures in a way so that they are not flashing their differences at the page.

An example: I have a two column stack st with 8 rows/4 rows. The first column should hold a picture and the second column should hold a short lead text. This two column stack will be repeated many times beneath one another in the page and is meant to have appr the same format.

What I think I need to be able to do this is some kind of picture placeholder stack in which it is possible to load in a picture. The picture placeholder should then size the picture relative to its with, and should give the possibility to move (drag) the picture within the placeholder so that the fragment of the visible picture is just the one I want to be visible to the viewer.

Does anybody have knowledge of a stack with something like the features described, I woild be vary happy to know about it :slight_smile:

Thanks @mastermix

I will look into it.