INSTAFILTER - New F6-based project file [v1.1 Update]

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InstaFilter is a live filter in-page content built with standard F6 stacks only! It is a project file, but you can think of it as a special kind of stack designed to filter content on a webpage.

InstaFilter is not designed to be a collection of layout templates for the search function. However, it does provide numerous example pages, including those with non-F6 stacks, serving as a starting point for you to customize the styles and layouts to your preference using F6 swatches .

[v1.1 Update]

NEW - Now InstaFilter also works with the Photo Pro stack (and the Photo stack as well).
You will find new 4 example pages in the Visible Grid and Hidden Grid sections, also with Photo Prointegrated with a Total CMS Gallery.

NEW - Added new TCMS Total Loop + Block Grid example page in the Overlapping Grid section.


Beautiful, Massimo, you keep getting better and better. Lucky F6 users!

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Thank you @Marten_Claridge , you are too kind!

Brilliant Project. Perfect for helping the visitor search through long lists. I use it to search for authors and for image titles in Photo Pro. Fast, simple to use and to design.


Your Project Files are really the best in the Rapidweaver area. :+1:


Thank you for the nice compliment!