Installing a new stack?

Dumb, I know, but . . . (in RW7 and I have the Stack foundation) now trying to install a newly purchased stack into my library. Or somewhere!

Drag and drop it onto the RW7 icon in the library.

Thanks, zeebe. However, part of the problem seems to be I don’t have a stack’s icon to drop. The only thing that came with the download is a folder full of similar little yellow icons. And, did you mean drop something onto the library icon in edit mode? Or open the library?

When you expanded the stack you got the stack plus extra’s it’s sounds like. The actual stack will have a file extension of “.stack” - The other files may be small project files with examples, or other extras. But it’s the “.stack” file you want to drop onto the RW icon.
manually move it into the stacks folder (that first Library is your user Library… NOT the system library)

Yah! I found the “.stack” and dragged it onto the RW7 icon in my doc. Sounded like something happened. But won’t it now show up in my library where I can use it? Or, maybe I have to restart?

Yup, there it is, after the restart!

Thanks bunches!!!

Great. By the way… you can always view your stacks folder (library) by clicking on any Stacks Page in your project, and then, with the stack Library pane open click “Library” (gear) at the bottom of the pane. One of the options there is “Show Stacks Library in Finder.” And if you are new to Stacks take the time to fully understand Partials. They can save you a lot of time and building.

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another way to few your stacks in the finder with RapidWeaver open is to hold down command-option and push the 7 key. Actually opens the addons folder in the finder, but then find the stacks finder and you are good to go.

Thanks, Greg! Glad to know about Partials, very helpful.

Zeebe, thanks again!

Have you ever thought of double clicking the stack?
When you double click the stack, RapidWeaver is opened and the stack will be installed.
No need to search for the correct place to put the stack.

@paulsondervan Double-clicking doesn’t always work reliably for some users and might install the addon into the wrong version of RapidWeaver. Dragging and dropping a new addon onto the RW dock icon seems to prove more reliable.


Yep… double-clicking and allowing RW to handle things caused me headache upon headache. Once I started manually installing everything life is so much better and easier. And far fewer crashes… in fact… my crashes have all gone away but that may be related to other things also.

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Thanks everyone. This feedback is amazing!

Now that you mention headaches, Greg, I don’t recall how I moved the site (mine) that I’ve been rebuilding in 6—it’s been in iWeb for years—from RW6 to RW7 (tried 10 different things and then all of a sudden it was there). Now I’ve been struggling through all sorts of glitches in RW7. The most annoying is its continuously slipping out of the body content link color, as I’m working on a page. I’ve got enough time into adding banners and copying & pasting columns over from 6 that I don’t want to start over. BUT, I do have other sites to bring over from 6 to 7. What would be the best way to do that???

Well, I’m a bit confused because you should have just opened the RW6 project with RW7. It would have done what it needs to do. (It would have converted and made RW7 project files from the 6 project files. From that point on you would just use the new RW7 projects). I’m not sure why you are copying and pasting stuff.

When I opened RW7, there was nothing in it. And when I finally got the one site moved over from 6, only some of the pages made it, or partially made it. Obviously, I did something wrong. Right?

You can right-click your RW6 project file and “open with” RW7. -or- From within RW7 choose and open the RW6 project file.

Just think of it as when you upgrade any other program. You don’t need to “re-do” your Pages file if you upgrade Pages. Just open the old file in the new version. Likewise, just open your 6 project file in 7.

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YES! I moved another site over and it arrived intact! Hooray!

Thanks bunches,

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Since i did a clean reinstall of rw7 i encounter a strange problem when installing new stacks. When i doubleclick the icon i get the message stack installed but the new stack does not show up in the stacks library in rw7; when i retry installing the stack i get the message stack already installed. I found out that new stack are not installed in the right file the stack being uploaded in …
users/Walter/library/application support/rapidweaver/stacks
but revealing installed stacks from the rw stacks library I get a file with the following root :…users/Walter/library/containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/data/library/application support/rapidweaver/stacks
Somebody who can help me fix this small problem (in the meantime i move the downloaded stack to the right file. Tx

Yes… the second path is the correct one. I’ll just say that I don’t let RW do installs. I always close RW, move the stack to the Stacks folder myself, and then restart. Doing this manually has stopped all my crashes and headaches. I have a shortcut (Alias) to the folder in a convenient location for quick access.

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