Installing Total CMS

Hello I am posting this here because even I can’t install it properly :sob:

I am interested on installing it on a test subdomain that already has a working copy of a website that I manage, to learn using it on a non foundation theme, but initial step is install :wink:

When I download the trial one ( ) , I get this inside of it.
TotalCMS.rwaddons ( file ) and ( folder )

First I don’t know if is a “demo folder” or must have installed to work all properly.

I have installed TotalCMS.rwaddons, actually I am using last Rapidweaver 6 version ( 6.4 )

I can see all Total CMS stacks, so I have set the simplest setup I can.

admin page , with its core stack and a Text admin

and a container page, with text container and cms core.

I think this is the simplest set up.

It does not work for me, If I try to write a text and save I only get a non stop spinning wheel .

If I look in my server files, I can’t see any cms-data folder

So I think I am doing something wrong …

Thanks for help

Have you published your admin page to your host? You have to do that once to get the cms-data folder on your server. Joe’s video(s) does a much better job than I can, in case you haven’t come across it yet…

The full series is here:

There are intro vids, walkthrough vids. You can see what interests/applies to you.

I have solved , when I tried to reach the admin url I got this error …

subdomain web address must match on General Setting

Now initial settings works

Thanks for help