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I have built a website that has membershipworks integrated onto a number of pages using html snippets. because membershipworks is a bit inflexible (apart from if you use wordpress or weebly), I have a problem when I put a member sign-up form on my home page. If you are already logged in, membershipworks puts up an ugly and not at all explanatory message .

To work around this issue, I would like to have an alternative home page for people who are logged so that they don’t have to see this message, and I would like to be able to send them there every time they try to access the home page when logged in. I have found a custom class SF_Li which I use to display text only when the user is logged in, but I have not idea if I can use this to redirect logged in users when they try to access a page.

any suggestions? I am not a professional developer, just pulling a web site together for a not-for-profit organisation

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Hi, Julia,

I’ve never heard of membershipworks, but many of us here use a superb Sitelok from Vibralogix. This is a very comprehensive membership management app including an excellent email system. It costs only $40 (one time payment for one domain). You can also purchase separate plugins for Sitelok that make it a very versatile system. Tech support is one of the absolutely best available. Very highly recommended.

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