Introducing 2 new stacks: Quizzer and Scroller

(Stuart Marshall) #21

Hi All,

I have just pushed out a big 1.2.0 update to Quizzer stack that includes the most requested feature: An option to share the quiz/score after the quiz has been taken! You can now opt to include share buttons for a number of social platforms and these will appear at the end of the quiz to enable sharing. This is great for driving traffic to your website and getting a bit of a buzz going.

There is now also the option to add nicer looking radio buttons / checkboxes instead of using the default system option. There are also a few other minor improvements and bug fixes.

I’ve put together a new quiz so that you can see all of this in action. It is on (surprise surprise!) the World Cup. Check it out:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

(robertreinink) #22

Nice, love the sharing part…
Thank you for the continuous fine tuning and the new options.

(Mathew Mitchell) #23

Wow, nicely done! Thanks so much for the added features.

(Rajat Bagga) #24

Hello, i tried to run updates but I cannot see any updates for this Quizzer stack!!

(Rajat Bagga) #25

I saw your comments… i need to re-download it from paddle , thank you

(system) #26

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