NEW StageDive ๐ŸŒŠ - Slideshows created with RW!

Dear forum,

I am happy to announce StageDive!

StageDive enables you to create beautiful interactive slideshows using RapidWeaver. These are perfect for online tutorials and educational content, or modern one page designs.

Save 10% release discount valid until 31.05.2018 with discount code RWFORUM.

See also the demo page. Thanks @mabinogion Rob for his review.

Special thanks to @Mathew giving me very valueable feedback in the development phase :+1:

StageDive now :smiley:


Congratulations! Fantastic stack.


A few folk had asked me whether my Quizzer stack would work well with @instacks StageDive as they both lend themselves well to educational content. Well, as of the recent v1.1 update to Quizzer, I am delighted to report that you can indeed add Quizzer stack into your StageDive presentations.

I have put together a Quizzer tutorial using StageDive and this includes (obviously) a Quizzer quiz. You can view it (and download the project file) here:


@habitualshaker Thanks so much for these additions!

When I download the demo project, however, I get notices that I should use a Simple Videos stack (from 1LD) within the Quizzer stack. See attached screenshot. This doesnโ€™t seem right to me, but Iโ€™m not sure what the problem is.

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Hi @Mathew - Apologies for that. That is a free stack that I occasionally use for streaming media. Iโ€™ve switched it out now though and have just used an html stack instead.That now means, apart from Quizzer, the tutorial has been built just using basic stacks.

If I was using local video I would have used StageDiveโ€™s own media player but I wanted to stream the videos from Vimeo otherwise the project download would have been huge!


Stuart: Thanks so much! I really appreciate the 3 tutorials youโ€™ve created. This is a gold mine for people. I really appreciate the care and support youโ€™ve put into this product. And the combination of Quizzer with StageDive is fantastic!


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