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Question about Blogs

Last weeks PodCast had a lot to say about Blogs and different methods of getting a Blog published. There is one thing i cannot quite comprehend, particularly with Typed ? Why pay a subscription ???

I can create a Blog in the Grid theme (Archetypon) without a subscription !


@timmytoad, but can you edit it online without RW?



Hi Ben - Here’s one for you.

I’d like to know what’s the difference between a plugin and a stack?

Cheers David

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Good question, seems to be some confusion on the forums about this one…

A Plugin is something that adds functionality to RapidWeaver itself or a specific page type or a content manager.

Typical plugins are cart systems (they can have stacks as well though to add functionality on other pages other than the Plugin page), YourHead software’s Stacks plugin (Content Manager) as examples…

A stack requires the Yourhead Software Plugin Stacks (content manager), and a stack add’s functionality to a page or a group of pages, think of it as a super snippet or a mini-template if you will but with some code behind it to make it do what it is designed to do.

Hope that helps

Thanks a lot Brad, that was very helpful! I believe I understand the difference now.

I’m not a website designer or coder by trade, however I really enjoy using RW for my own business website.

It makes a huge difference when people are community minded in helping one another. One of the main benefits of using RapidWeaver.

Thanks again, Brad.


Hi @Turtle thanks for putting me in my place regards Typed :slightly_smiling:

But what about Armadillo and CMS ??? I havent ever used either of them, but they do look to be subscription free !!!




Absolutely, there are definitely options for doing a Blog and having it editable or updatable online through a browser, without question. You mention Armadillo and CMS… neither of which is free though so somewhere down the line you pay for the ability to edit your Blog online. As far as putting you in your place, that was not the tone meant and if you took it that way, I apologize. But by your smile at the end I think you are poking fun and have taken it that way llol.

Again, though, my answers are not definitive and the questions posted for the Podcast should be covered by Dan, Ben, Nik, Aaron as able.

All questions welcomed and nobody in the forum will ever criticize anyone for posting a question… no such thing as a stupid question after all :wink:


Hi @Turtle. Your ok buddy, nothing to apologize for, i just cant understand why Typed is so expensive to use and keep using, when the alternatives are simply a one off purchase and you use your own web space.


ps. i thought i had already posted that, fortunately the site had saved it, clever eh :slightly_smiling:

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Do pages/content “pulled” into your site, like a typed.com page using blog stack. Or another blog post using one of the many other stacks. Still have the same level of search engine “juice” as a blog built into the site with the native blog page. Are they indexed just the same?

What about if using iframe?

I hope that makes sence…

What more can we do to try to assist people with saving/publishing/installation problems?


Is RapidWeaver better than WordPress?

For one that would like to start developing stacks, what resources would you suggest to start with in regards to js/html/css etc and what would be the ideal workflow? (what do you start with first…?)