Trying to use stacks4stacks comment stack and I’m mighty confused

made it all the way to step 2 :slight_smile:

:white_check_mark: 1. Give the page a .php extension, in the RapidWeaver Page Inspector

:question:2. Open the Prefix box in the RapidWeaver page inspector and enter <?php session_start(); ?>

I mostly make things pretty - where is this so-called prefix box?

:white_check_mark: 3. Drag and drop a copy of the stack into the page, from your Stacks library

:large_orange_diamond: ( I think I have this) 4. Within the settings, the database name and time zone can be changed if required. Please see this webpage for details about what the timezone can be changed to. Database name always needs to be in a ‘web safe’ format - that is to mean it starts with a letter and contains no spaces or special characters. Comment count controls how many comments are shown on each pagination panel. Fields control what data you collect from users and is fully translatable into any language of your choice

:large_orange_diamond: Can’t wait for this step 4. Publish the page to your web server. Navigate to the page in the web browser and initiate setup of the database. This normally requires the page to be refreshed once or twice, to establish the new database (text file) that the comments will be stored within. From thereafter, website users can begin to leave comments or reviews.

Thanks in advance!

Prefix box is in the right-hand (page inspector) in the 3rd (HTML) pane.

Not sure if you got my response - thanks so much; everything worked out very nicely!

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