Introducing FileMan stack - a free file manager / warehouse for your website!


(Will Woodgate) #1

The role of this new stack is to configure and spawn a new directory on your web server, complete with a basic file management interface. After entering a password, you (or a client) can login to upload, download, view or delete small files with ease. New folders can be created and you can sort files by clicking the table headings. All this is done through your normal web browser.

FileMan is perfect to use as a backend for our popular stacks like PlayLister, RefinedSlider, ProGallery, Embed and DropCMS. Any of these stacks can link to the FileMan directory; thereby permitting the ability to add or remove files (like images or audio tracks) remotely, outside of RapidWeaver. FileMan is safe for your clients to use, because only files within the FileMan directory are editable. FileMan saves you from the aggravation of setting-up additional FTP accounts.

The FileMan interface uses HTML5 and is fully mobile-first responsive. It works well on all newer mobile, tablet and desktop computers.

FileMan is easy to configure within Stacks 3 / RapidWeaver. The basic setup process involves telling FileMan where you want the new directory to be generated, the login password and what functionality you want enabled. Visit the webpage hosting the FileMan stack, and then your file manager will be automatically generated and become ready for use.

Because many of us are building websites for non-English speaking clients to manage, you will find FileMan lets you translate many of the buttons, labels and table headings into another language.

This stack requires a web server with PHP 5.6 or greater, RapidWeaver 6.0 or greater and Stacks 3.0 or greater. If you find FileMan useful or require support, please make a contribution. As always, support is best dealt with via email.

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(Gary) #2

What a brilliant idea. This is one of the missing pieces in the RW jigsaw and typical of Will to create the solution and make it available for free. Great job Will.

(steve bee) #3

Absolutely brilliant @willwood I think this is exactly what I need to complete my warehousing site.

I did have a quick try adding it to an existing page, but it threw an error message about the folder in the settings already existing, when it didn’t. But, I suspect this is something to do with the server, as it tends to throw error messages whenever anything tries to set permissions etc.

I’m moving warehousing to Chilidog over the next few days, so I’ll try again once it’s all there, and if I still get a problem I’ll buy a support ticket.

(Gavin Fregona) #4

Thanks Will for a fantastic free stack. Keep up the great work.

(steve bee) #5

Got it working. It’s really good Will, and the fact it’s out there for free is superb. I will be making a donation.

Am I right in thinking you can’t add anything else to the file-manager page, as in other stacks, as in ProGallery? That these will need to exist on a different page and just reference the file-manager page?

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #6

Great solution Will, as always your ideas are brilliant :slight_smile:

(Lisa Sandler) #7

This is awesome… as a photographer my site is mostly images. Can’t wait to check it out! Great idea, Will :slight_smile:

(steve bee) #8

Even though I do say so myself, I think (think!) I’ve now built the perfect image warehousing site using this stack, Will’s ProGallery stack and his free Embed stack.

I’ve fired him over an email asking for his opinion on it, and assuming he doesn’t come back telling me it’s a stupid idea implemented badly, I will finally get to share it with RW world :slight_smile:

I’ve actually had most of it built and in use for ages, but the vital part of the jigsaw that was missing was a password protected upload facility, and the ability to delete files browser-side. It was the lack of the password bit that has stopped me sharing it previously, but with this new stack, that’s now solved.

In the meantime, anyone wanting to build a great simple warehouse site, go buy Will’s ProGallery :slight_smile:

(steve bee) #9

Okey dokies, here is my media manager, using @willwood Embed, Fileman and ProGallery stacks.

I’ve built a far more substantial version of this for my own use; this is just a stripped back version to demo the idea.

Log-in is “test”

It’s pretty simple to use…

Drag your image on to the upload bit, refresh the page; your image will now appear in the gallery below, along with the list view directly underneath the drop zone. Feel free to try it out.

You can now click on either the link to the image in the list view or the URL (to add to your warehouse image stack) or click on it in the gallery for a larger version, and to also get the URL.

You can delete images from the list view.

It’s important to note that you can’t add stacks to the page on which Will’s FileMan lives. You get it and the ProGallery on the same page I’ve simply added the Fileman page to the Progallery page using an iframe (use Will’s Embed stack for this.)

The Fileman stack allows for folder creation, but at the moment ProGallery can’t see the contents in child folders. ProGallery2 is due soon I hear, so I’m hoping this facility is added. Obviously, you don’t have to use ProGallery, but for this particular job it’s about the best option I found when I first started making this mini-site several months ago.

If you use this idea, give Will a donation, or better still, buy ProGallery.

(Will Woodgate) #10

RapidWeaver Ninja reviews the FileMan stack:

(Gary) #11

@SteveB Good demo that demonstrates what Will’s stack can do.

(steve bee) #12

Ignore, nothing to see here!

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #13

@willwood and @webdeer two big names in the business, always a great inspiration.
Thanks guys for your always great ideas and support :slight_smile:

(Mathew Mitchell) #14

Will: Thanks a million. Very simple to set up and use. Yet, very practical and effective. Exactly what several of us have needed. Donation gladly sent!

(Justin) #15

Wondering what about multi accounts?

(bart vosters) #16

It doesn’t work for me. On the page where I dropped the stack, nothing happens when I visit the page. I can’t see anything from the fileman stack on the page. it’s just an empty at the place where I placed the stack.

What am I doing wrong ?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #17

A URL would be needed so people can see if there are any errors on the page.

(bart vosters) #18

problem is solved………

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #19

OK, so I noticed a Total CMS error on the page, and I looked at our debug tool and this showed up

Not sure what version of PHP FileMan needs, but that could be an issue. If you are trying to use Total CMS, it is for sure an issue. You really should update anyways, as PHP 5.3.28 is VERY old and has been End of Life since August of 2014 ( So try to get your host to update to 5.6+.

(bart vosters) #20

Thanks Robert ! Upgraded my PHP so now it works fine…