Reading a directory from a remote server

Hello everyone,
Forgive the terminologies if they seem to be incorrect.

I am looking for a way to populate a list of files and folders on a webpage which are located on a remote server, and can be accessed under normal circumstances by way of using URLs.

For example

As these would be MP4 files, I will require for a media player stack such as TopBox which will play the video files when selecting the file itself.

If there is an option to show thumbnails, then this can be a major benefit

Can someone advise of how this can be achieved please, and what you would recommend.

Thank you in advance,

If I understand correctly maybe have a look at Fileman.

Thank you for that. That can potentially look the part.

It has been years since I used Rapidweaver, when I previously built my websites. So i still need to get used to it.

I have both Rapidweaver 5 and 6.

Would the Resources section by chance allow for what I am trying to achieve? I watched a few videos and saw people using URL links to share videos, files, PDFs, etc. Would this be a solution, then add a relevant Playlist and player - seperate or combined?

Maybe this free stack would be enough for what you want:

RapidWeaver is up to version 8 now.
RW5 and 6 are both pretty old, and resources built-in to those versions had issues.

Do you want to play videos and audios or offer downloads or both?

Thank you everyone for your answers & suggestions.

Teefers: I want to offer HTML video playback as well as offering downloads. The video files are from Mobile DVR systems and I have created URL links on our Server which has specific URLs per one vehicle.

Just to paint a picture;
Per one vehicle which is per one page, I want to have a URL link on the top right of the webpage which has it’s own web player, which I am sectioning off with “Inline Frame” with right alignment.
This is for live video streaming.

Below that is where I want to have the playlist generated by the URL pointed to the page from our server and have the media player on either left or right side of the playlist.

We want to offer the download option. If there is a thumbnail option, then that would be a major benefit.

We can choose to have the video files in mp4 or grec format, but I dare say that mp4 would be more beneficial if customers need to replay the video file on their own computers after downloading.

Thank you all again for your answers.

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