Problem with FileMan

Hello everybody,

I have tried to install FileMan (from stacks4stacks) but it doesn’t work for me. I’m following their setups instructions, but all I get on the new page is the following: Warning: mkdir(): File exists in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 87.
No authentication, nothing happens when I click on it. Has anyone an idea why it doesn’t work properly? What am I doing wrong?
Is Will Woodgate a member of this forum? He seems to be the author of the stack, right?
Would really appreciate some help.
Many thanks in advance for every answer.

Sorry folks - just found the solution. Haven’t read the setup instructions properly. All works fine now. Consider this topic as closed.

Hi Joerg,

Will’s an active member of the forum and yes, he’s the author of the stack. Did you make a contribution when you downloaded the stack? My understanding - and I could be wrong - is that ‘free’ stacks like this are supported beyond the documentation that exist on the S4S site, when you make a contribution.

Glad you got it working. Will is a very active member of this forum.

Might want to share what was wrong, so others who have similar issues can fix.

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Ok, good idea Doug,

I simply didn’t read the instruction saying that once the FileManager is installed (which it was, I checked that on my server), one has to navigate to the address provided with the stack which is of the type: and from there on, all is working fine.
You see, I’m a teacher - the ones that criticize their pupils for not reading the instructions properly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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