Introducing – HOP – New RapidWeaver Stack from Weavium 😀

HOP – Beautiful animated pages with unlimited nesting by Weavium

Easily turn anything into a stunning expandable page like seen in modern mobile & web applications. Over 15 custom made animations with unlimited page nesting. Great for sales funnels, call-to-action sections, hidden content, expandable menus, and much more.

We’ve built this stack to make it simple, yet extremely versatile. The possibilities are immense. With the creativity of the RapidWeaver Community, this stack will make your site shine~

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Find out more here:

Find out more here:


Thank you :slight_smile: is this stack GDPR compliant in the way that it does not load scripts and other content from third parties and everything is built into the stack?

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The examples are nice. I can see plenty of uses for this. Just a note, the examples do not scroll well on iOS. Might want to consider some tweaks or sadly an additional script. Nice work otherwise from my 5 minutes cruse!


Thank you for the kind words~ The main stack does not requre any loading of third party scripts, but the included starter stack does include icon fonts for convenience and ease of setup! Though the starter stack is not required : )

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Just bought it. When I use the other option like Icon from inline Image or FontAwesome, then nothing is pulled from third parties? Only when I use Ionic, Linear, Material?

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Hi there, that sounds about right. I will get the other libraries added in the next update :slight_smile:

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Oh that is great! Thank you, then I do have to think about them when I use your stack…

Hi @weavium nice release! On iPhone some of the examples are not rendering full view. On iMac using Firefox there is a nasty vertical line showing in the section beautiful backgrounds at the first example. The line is not visible in Chrome and Safari. I just bought it and in the example theme the iPhone section isn’t showing because it says the iPhone stack is missing. Is that a new Weavium stack?

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Hi there,

Thanks for the heads up! We expect a few bugs, as some of these animations are quite complex. We will get the worked out as soon as possible. Also, we custom made the iPhone stack. I forgot to include it in the download file. I will get it added and post here so that anyone who wants it can redownload. :slight_smile:


Cool thing :+1:t4:

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Thank you. When will this missing stack be available?

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Your link says it goes to your Kalendar stack, though the link itself does actually go to the Hop stack.

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What is a silly mistake. Thank you! It has been fixed : )


I will get the missing stack updated today, hopefully within the next few hours or so. : )

P.S. The iphone stack is really basic, I honestly developed it in about 10 minutes and it is not really intended for serious use at the moment. I will include it for the examples though. Maybe I can develop it and add some new features to get it added to our site as a free stack! ^_-


Hi all,

Just to inform you, the iPhone stack that was used in the examples page has now been added to the download link file. Any one who wants to use it can simply redownload the file using their original download link.


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Thank you !
Is it normal that the “iphone” stack has no icon?

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Yes it is normal for now, haha. I haven’t had time to make one just yet. I spent today doing updates and fixes. I will hopefully get an icon made up, and some features added in a week or so.


If you’re concerned about loading any script from third-parties, you should be using security headers. In the absence of headers, your domain will load anything sent to it. Here’s an example..

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It seems to me that something in the RW 8.1.1 broke something in the Hop Stack…?
I can’t, for the sake of it, get any new (blank Foundation) project to utilize the Hop Stack…it just doesn’t react…

I’ve even copied something from the “hop_examples” including content but that doesn’t work either. So I suspect it might be something bigger.

In my “older” projects made in RW 8.0.3 (now on 8.1.1) it still works and reacts as it should. (I even copied a working Hop Stack from one of those projects (made in 8.0.3) including content to a new project (8.1.1) but that doesn’t work either)

Anyone else have a similar problem?

Any ideas?


I found out that the Hop Stack doesn’t go well with a Scribe Stack inside of it as Additional content…as of now one has to use the Markdown Stack by Yourhead.

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I LOVE this.