Introducing – Instagram Vista – New RapidWeaver Stack from Weavium

Instagram Vista – Epic Instagram feeds for RapidWeaver like never before!

Instagram Vista provides the most elegant solution for creating Instagram feed sliders and grids, with a built-in light-box! Setup is quick and easy, and the stack is simply beautiful~ We’ve spent hours and hours refining this stack to provide the best Instagram solution for everyone. :open_mouth:

Turn your instagram feed into something magical and share your story in style~

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Check it out here:


Is there way to turn off the hearts and counter. (they show in all your samples)


well designed! I love the way it looks and feels. Congrats!

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Hi there, sorry for the late reply. We are adding in new options for the next release now. We can include an option to hide the like count along with the next update. : )


Thanks for the update. Also, can we add an option to turn off the circle/square avatar flickering? I’m guessing it’s when it’s updating the images…

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Videos not loading uo,on instagram stack…is that an option coming?

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Hi there,

I will take a look into this one. It’s likely some sort of overflow issue with the image loading and the rounded corners.

I will look into the video loading as well. I’m not sure if instagram allows videos to be loaded over their API, but if so, I’m sure something can be figured out! : )

Hi all,

Happy to announce that Instagram Vista now supports HTML5 video and has a built-in video player!

We’ve also made updates to include:

  • Option to hide slide/grid toggle
  • Option to hide heart & like count

The latest version is 1.0.2

Please update to enjoy the latest features~


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