Introducing kNine

Our first major theme update / release for 2017 comes in the shape of the kNine theme. kNine is exactly the same RapidWeaver theme used to build the current seyDesign website; which is testament to how good this theme is! Rounded corners, gradient effects, subtle colour schemes and shadow effects give kNine a polished and professional feel throughout.

Key features of kNine include:

Colours and textured backgrounds
Simple colour pickers let you easily modify the colour scheme of your pages. Background textures can be selected in the theme options to apply attractive noise and patterned backgrounds.

Effortless website navigation
A split-navigation layout makes it super easy and efficient for your website visitors to navigate your completed website. No finicky drop-downs or ‘hamburger’ buttons in this theme. Parent links are shown at the top as tabs and child links (if available) are shown in the sidebar as buttons. Navigation links can include Font Awesome icons too.

Mobile-first responsive
Engineered for mobiles, tablets and desktop web browsers straight out the the box; kNine provides a ‘one theme fits all’ solution towards building fast and modern websites. And the theme is optimised for print output too.

Build banners your way
Optional banners are extremely simple to setup. You can use the free SS3 or FreeStyle stacks to create immersive slideshow banners. Alternatively if you are using RW7, just drag-and-drop an appropriate static image into the RapidWeaver banner box.

RW-FontKit included
You’ll be hearing a lot more about RW-FontKit in 2017. In a nutshell, this special feature gives you instant access to well-over 100 quality web safe and embedded font faces for your headings and content font. Just choose your font selection in the theme settings, and adjust aspects like line height, font size and letter spacing. So simple.

Total sidebar control
Frustrated by limited sidebar width and position options in your current theme? kNine lets you float your sidebar either left or right in a choice of fixed (pixel) widths. On smaller screens, your sidebar is automatically rendered below the main content container.

Taking ExtraContent to the extreme
kNine includes no-less than 30 ExtraContent containers! So you have loads of options to break-outside of the normal theme layout and create attractive blocks of content, useful links, social networking icons and various other elements.

Included extras
kNine is build upon the Twitter Bootstrap 4 framework; and grants you full access to all the wonderful features Bootstrap supports. We also include Font Awesome 4.7 icons. Other features include Nivo Lightbox, responsive images, FitVids, retina display optimised image, jQuery 2 and valid HTML5 markup.

See the kNine product page for more details about this exciting new theme, access a demo site and download a free demo version of the theme.

:tada: kNine is currently available at 20% off throughout this January! :tada: