Masonry Lightbox

At one time there was a stack provided by SeyDesign called Masonry Brick. SeyDesign is no longer in business. I really liked how this stack functioned. In particular, I liked how a description could be included with the image. I know there are many lightbox stacks out there but could anyone tell me if there is a lightbox that allows one to add a description with the image?

I think took over the stack

Stacks4Stacks also offers TopBox. This allows lightboxing and image description (or video description)

@Hanko The SeyDesign Masonry stack was updated and moved here about a fortnight ago:

Of note, it is the first stack with support for the new ‘level 3’ CSS grid specification. This offers a native way to create a masonry grid. Currently only supported in Firefox nightly, but expect other web browsers to add it soon.

The ProGallery stack also does masonry layouts, with a choice of 10 lightbox configurations:

It might be worth taking a look at Doobox’ Montage 2. It’s my favourite Masonry/lightbox combo.


Of course Gallery Stack has this kind of functionality also.

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