Introducing ProSearch 2 for Stacks 3

What’s new in Version 2: We’ve finally made this Stack responsive, maximized the search speed, fixed a bunch of bugs and made some stability improvements. This Stack is built for Stacks 3 exclusively and won’t work with Stacks 2! If you’re still using old Stacks 2 feel free to download ProSearch 1 from our Freebies area, please note that the old Stack is unsupported.

ProSearch has been designed to easily add a simple, responsive search database to your website. Once you installed the Stack on your website (see above how it works) your website will show a simple form where visitors can enter a single word or more which they are looking for. They can also choose from different colors in which hits are marked with. Once the stack found something similar to the keyword it will mark every word on your site. The stack works locally with no internet services like Google, this makes it stable and incredible fast. Your visitors will love this search form!

ProSearch works fantastic with every kind of stack you use on your sites, even third party stacks from other developers are fully supported. And the best thing: there’s nothing to set up, nothing to play around in settings. Simply drag and drop the stack out of your Stacks library to your existing Stacks site and you’re all set.

Download ProSearch 2 today: