Introducing Slinkee 2

A neat, fun and smart little navigation stack. Slinkee can be used to improve the navigation of your website or you can use it (without links) as a basic toggle / accordion effect.

Changes in this FREE update include:

  • All color pickers now support RGBa and opacity sliders in the Mac OS color palette
  • Fixed a CSS validation error
  • New editing interface that uses blue β€˜+’ buttons (sub-stacks) instead of depreciated repeats
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent arrows displaying in some RW themes
  • All slider controls now display units of measurement
  • Renamed the 3 main groups of settings for easier reference
  • Tidied and optimized various underlying source code
  • Much better print and PDF output
  • Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect padding to get applied in Foundation
  • Fixed a bug that was causing animated panels to sometimes flicker in Chrome
  • Removed the surplus β€˜hide’ button (Stacks now has its own β€˜hide’ button)

The changes to the editing interface mean that this is being handled as a major update. Slinkee 2 will therefore require manually downloading and installing alongside older versions. This will give you the opportunity to gradually migrate content over from older versions of Slinkee. You can obtain the update by logging into your Paddle Locker or by getting in contact and forwarding along a copy of your receipt.

If you are new to Slinkee, please watch the short introductory video by Adam Merrifield and download the free demo version to experiment with. Slinkee 2 is available today, to purchase from the seyDesign website.

Please note: Slinkee 2 requires a minimum of RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3.

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Great navigational stack with expanded functionality!

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Thank you for the feedback! :+1:

The RapidWeaver Ninja has also put together a great review about Slinkee: