Announcing the ZipBar 2 stack

ZipBar 2

Key features in this update include:

  • A refresh of the editing interface; making ZipBar faster and easier to setup (e.g. ability to drag and drop to reorder tab panels)
  • More style, animation and colour options available, but retaining some of the original automation from before
  • Better handling of lengthy tab lists on mobile and tablet devices, via a customisable breakpoint setting
  • Ability to setup optional custom callbacks, for powerful integration with other stacks that require interaction when tabs are clicked (e.g. pausing a video or re-calculation of column heights)
  • Removed browser hacks for IE6 - IE9 (these versions of IE are no longer officially supported by Microsoft)
  • We now use HTML5 data- attributes instead of old-fashioned ‘rel’ attributes, to gain cleaner and 100% W3C valid markup
  • Improvements to print and PDF output; so everything is much tidier when people create printouts of your webpages
  • Accessibility has been improved; you can now ‘tab-key’ between tabs and press your return key to reveal the content in newer web browsers

This is a major update for the seyDesign ZipBar stack. This version of ZipBar will install itself alongside older versions.

Existing ZipBar 1.x users will be pleased to hear that your update is totally free! You can either login and download ZipBar 2 from your Paddle Locker or get in contact with your original receipt attached and request a copy of the latest version.

A big kudos to Adam Merrifield who originally coded the ZipBar stack a few years back. It was wonderful to work with such professionally-written code! Much of the original code has been left intact and I’ve only modified a few bits and pieces to incorporate the above changes. This is a rock-solid tabs solution for RapidWeaver that has always been one of the best. Tested and compatible with FreeStacks, Foundry, Foundation and many other RapidWeaver themes.

If you are new to ZipBar, please read more about it on this webpage and download the free demo version to play with. The seyDesign marketing and video production team were let loose with Screenflow 6 earlier today, and have put together a rather nice video to showcase some of the new features available!

Please note that the minimum system requirements for ZipBar 2 have been bumped-up to RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3. However we will still be happy to honour support requests for anybody still using version 1, for the foreseeable future.




Attached is a snapshot of my ZipBar receipt. Let me know if I need to
provide anything more to show proof of purchase in order to get ZipBar

Many thanks for taking on seyDesign’s work and improving/updating it!


Fantastic solid update. The price has actually descreased since I bought it in 2012 for $12! Or £18 as we now call it :slight_smile:

Happy to buy again even with your generous up date offer.

Will: I did not realize I was replying to a discussion board. My bad. But the negative consequence is the coupon code is there for everyone to see (I think). Perhaps you can delete.

Such a great stack… INSTANT PURCHASE !

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