Introducing the AlertBar stack

Use AlertBar to prominently broadcast important information or messages to your website users. It can be used to advertise special events, a promotion, newsletter signup, new products or as a method to alert users of office, shop or school closures (like during severe weather). AlertBar can be permanently fixed to the top or bottom of a webpage, or alternatively you can have it fixed when the page is scrolled.

This is one stack that has a multitude of possible uses. AlertBar is simple to setup and can be styled to match an existing theme or colour scheme. It can also be configured as ‘content aware’ and editable remotely via a CMS.

Visit the AlertBar webpage for more information and to see some working examples of it. AlertBar requires a minimum of RW6 or RW7 and Stacks 3. If you like this stack or require support, please make a contribution.


Great work Will, and thanks for supplying it in a “Contribute” pricing model :+1:t2:

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