Looking for Diagonal Bar/Ribbon Alert that sits in Top Right Corner

Looking for Button or Diagonal Bar/Ribbon Alert that sits in Top Right Corner.

Thanks for your suggestions…

https://www.stacks4stacks.com/badger/ looks like it might be what you’re looking for?

Thanks Much Lisa… That’s a possibility! Others?

How about Notify by Doobox?


Hi… just tested Notify. Thanks! Another possibility.

Also considering badge/buttons/popups that would sit in top right corner.


I don’t get paid for recommending, but I use a lot of his stacks on my site :slight_smile: @willwood

Another one from @willwood is Gateway:

I always use it full across. Brilliant stack. I “think” (but not 100% sure) you can have it reside in one corner and not span the full page. At any rate, Will always offers demos so it’s easy to check out for yourself. Very flexible and useful.

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