How do I use the built-in lightbox in Armadillo - Post removed

Sorry - have decided to ditch Armadillo and use another blogging platform.


You might want to get the free Litebox stack:

Publish with RW on your main Armadillo page: it will go to all the permalinked pages. Gives you a bit more control over look and feel of the Lightbox. I’ve used it with Armadillo with much success.

Thanks for the information @Mathew

OK, really dumb question… how do I get this working. I have checked the “Lightbox External Images” box and have tried a number of options in the “Scope” entry… I am guessing I just haven’t found the right one.

I have guessed at entering:


and variations thereof, but to no avail.

My test page (utter nonsense with upside down images, simply used to test things out) is here

Any guidance would be much appreciated!