Introducing the new Lister stack

(Will Woodgate) #23

I wasn’t being nasty. I’m well aware of the forum rules, having been in this community for nearly ten years. In your original post you said you could not understand what was being said so that implied you were having problems hearing the video. I provided you with honest information on how to improve the video playback. Sorry for trying to help.

Regretfully I cannot change my accent. So this feedback you’ve provided isn’t really constructive or of value to anybody on this forum. No need for an explanation if you don’t want to use the Lister stack. It’s not a compulsory purchase.


Hahaha, that had me chuckling. Don’t you just love customer service.

(Tapio Laakkonen) #25

Been reading through forum posts about creating bullet lists - is Lister Stack still the stack for the job? Looks good for the need. Are there any new contenders on market? :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind, found my answer. Lister Stack purchased.

(Thomas Schulz) #26

Hi Will,

I need to do a list like

and so on going until 15…
Is that possible with the Lister Stack? You did not mention any numbered list in you video

Appreciate your hint :wink:


(Mathew Mitchell) #27

Do you need to do just like that? i.e. without any indentation? then it seems the answer is “yes”. try the decimal option using styled text.

you can download a demo of the stack to see if it works for your exact needs. But based on what you are writing it seems it will work fine.

(Thomas Schulz) #28

Hi Mathew,
actually I need it like

  1. Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus.
    Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus.
    Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus.

1.1 Donec id elit non mi porta gravida at eget metus.


I did the download, but I didn’t figure out this 1.1-thing


(Will Woodgate) #29

Definitely feasible to do with my Lister stack. :+1:

You will want to set the List Point Style to Decimal in the stack settings.

Set the Content Type to HTML Code. Regretfully HTML code is about the only reliable way towards accomplishing a nested list in RapidWeaver nowadays.

Within the stack content area, markup your new list as an ordered (numbered) list, like this:

  <li>Feed cat
      <li>Rinse bowl</li>
      <li>Open cat food</li>
      <li>Mix dry and wet food in bowl</li>
      <li>Deliver on a silver platter to Pixel</li>
  <li>Wash car
      <li>Vacuum interior</li>
      <li>Wash exterior</li>
      <li>Wax exterior</li>
  <li>Grocery shopping
      <li>Plan meals</li>
      <li>Clean out fridge</li>
      <li>Make list</li>
      <li>Go to store</li>

Your Lister stack settings will look like this:


Then all that remains is to add this custom CSS code to the RapidWeaver Page Inspector:

.listerWrapper ol { 
	counter-reset: item;

.listerWrapper li {
	display: block;

.listerWrapper li:before { 
	content: counters(item, ".") "."; 
	counter-increment: item;
	float: left;
	margin-right: 5px;

.listerWrapper li li:before { 
	content: counters(item, ".") " "; 
	counter-increment: item;

This CSS extends our default decimal / ordered list styling through means of the CSS content property. It uses a counter increment to fetch the number of the parent and merge that with the current list item index and include the decimal point(s). It also correctly floats the new list numbers, to ensure they correctly line up.

The CSS above is widely supported by all web browsers as far back as IE8, even though you may have never seen counter or counter-increment properties before. This would be a reliable technique to use in RapidWeaver.

You should finish with something that looks like this:

The screenshot above is from within my Blank theme - things may look different in other themes.

Your existing spacing and indentation settings in the stack should still function, should you need to adjust any of these.

(Thomas Schulz) #30

Hi Will,

lots of coding, but I’ll do my best.

Got to do about 10 Pages each. German and English…

But client is King :wink:



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