Introducing the SoundBoard stack

This stack generates a grid of buttons. Clicking (or tapping) buttons toggles the playback of MP3 tracks. SoundBoard works on smartphones, tablets and normal computers.

SoundBoard is ideal for presenting short audio clips or samples; in instances where you do no need features like audio controls, dynamic playlists, sequential playback or lengthy captions. The premise of SoundBoard is on keeping things simple!

There is no limit imposed on the number of MP3 tracks you can add. Use MP3 tracks added as resources in RapidWeaver or linked-to from an online location. Drag and drop your MP3 tracks into any order. Multiple SoundBoard stacks can be safely used on the same webpage too.

Each button can have individual background styling applied; including solid fills, gradients, textures or images. Simple stacks can be added to the buttons, to form their text labels.

Edit mode:

Preview mode:

Click here to learn more and download a free trial version.

For a limited period, SoundBoard is included in our Black Friday 40% Promo too. Please see the homepage for details and the coupon code.


Rob (RW Ninja) has put together a great review about SoundBoard here and details a few more of its options:


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