📺 Introducing TubeWeaver 3 📺

What’s new in TubeWeaver 3?

  • fluid responsive video embeds
  • lots of new customisation options
  • faster and optimised for Stacks 3
  • new retina Stack icon

Embed YouTube videos with style

TubeWeaver 3 is your ultimate solution and companion when it comes to embedding videos from YouTube. Whether you want to showcase your newest products or to give your site visitors a brief introduction of what your website is about - videos are one of the best and most stylish ways to bring life to your website.
With TubeWeaver 3 it has never been easier to get your videos running on your site in no time.

Fluid Responsiveness
TubeWeaver 3 fluidly embeds your videos and makes them responsive as well. Fluid means, that the video will adjust to the window size of the browser your page visitor is currently looking at your website with. This, of course, also works on mobile devices.
Fluid Responsiveness is a whole new feature of TubeWeaver 3, developed by hand (it’s not a default YouTube option).
Please note that not each and every 3rd party RapidWeaver theme is compatible with fluid responsiveness, which means that this feature may not work with your current setup

Highly customisable
Compared to version 2, we’ve added a lot of new customisation options to TubeWeaver 3, thanks to recent changes in the YouTube API. You can now choose between a red and a white progress bar in the player, decide whether the video should autoplay or not, decide whether the video should loop or not, show or hide the control bar inside the YouTube player, allow or deny fullscreen mode and you can also customise, where the video should start (f.e. you can start a 10 minute video at minute 2 instead of second 0 - see the screencast for more info on that).

Please note that some of the customisation options won’t work on small devices, such like smartphones. These customisation are disabled by the YouTube API, and we cannot, unfortunately, bypass this limitation.

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