uTubeChannel stack updated to v2

Changes in this major update include:

  • Updated the stack to use YouTube API 3*
  • The stack is now able to fetch either a YouTube channel or a video playlist
  • All colour pickers support RGBa opacity sliders, in the colour settings
  • Added some more style options
  • You no longer need to use an HTML snippet to place the playlist
  • Related video’s can now be toggled on or off in the stack settings
  • Autoplay is now a customisable option
  • You can customise how many video’s are shown in the playlist
  • Better compatibility with our forthcoming RWML 2 stack

* Depending on when you last generated an API key, you may need to generate a new API key for this version of the stack.

This stack makes it easier to embed a YouTube channel or playlist, within your RapidWeaver website. You can safely use multiple uTubeChannel stacks on the same webpage, making it perfect for more complex video portfolios or for use within multilingual setups (e.g. RWML).

Each time you add a new video to a playlist or your YouTube channel, the video is automatically added on your webpage. Therefore there’s no need to manually add the video in RapidWeaver and republish the website each time!

A basic array of style and colour options let you safely customise the basics of the player interface, to make it look like an integral part of your website.

uTubeChannel remains a free stack to download and use in all your projects. If you find it useful, you can make a contribution here to support ongoing updates and development. Paid support is available if you require help with generating an API key or other aspects.

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Hi, @willwood,
I started playing around with your player. :wink: I wonder how (if) it is possible to get Font Awesome symbols into the Previous and Next inputs?

I’m guessing that the ugly misaligned YouTube red/white START switcher in the middle of the video is something that you can’t fix on your end?