Responsive Theme: but website isn't responsive?

It’s possible that I’ve fundamentally misunderstood what responsive is, but why isn’t the website I’m building responsive? I’ve used a responsive theme: Blank Theme 2.1 and kept the site as simple as I could, but when viewed on the iPad in portrait some of the page isn’t viewable?

Thanks for any help and I’d appreciate it if there’s anything else that needs pointing out…

In vertical mode I see all the content very small, in horizontal part of the page is below the bottom border.
Blank theme is a completely empty page, and I think it is hard to position all the elements in a good way.

Starting with Rapidweaver I would use another kind of page.
Theme Flood offers three free responsive themes with minimal design, better than Empty:

Live previews:

Rapidweaver 6 offers five responsive themes: Allegro, Affero, Reason, Split and Tesla.

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Also, just because your theme is responsive, does not mean your content is. Most newer themes now a days will make images and some even make videos responsive, but older themes might not. You would need to get a responsive image stack, like Joe’s Fluid Image (others out there as well). If you have Stacks 3, then the columns that come with it are responsive, but if you are in Stacks 2 still, they are not, so you would need something like Joe’s Responsive Layout Stacks or Elixir’s Structure Stacks (again, I believe there are some others out there as well).

Joe even has a Responsive Bundle that comes with those two stacks and video and audio and some other stacks.

So be sure you content is responsive as well as your theme.

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Yes, you need to use responsive elements, as mentioned. It takes a little figuring and playing with percentages on each screen as well when you use the different elements. I redid 1000+ pages, and got pretty good by the end.

Play around a lot before doing so much. There are lots of nice options once you figure them out and get all the new stuff.

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Can I have a clue about the options pls?
My site looks ok in RW but in Samsung phones not at all.

Lots of options listed above, but we really can’t help you without seeing your site, just impossible to do…

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Zeebe is the site.

Your site looks responsive to me


Looks great on iPhone 6 running latest IOS/Safari except for footer background being too tall Text is a little small but viewable…

Blog text is better, footer issue remains…


@hildaxe Sorry to report that on my crappy Windoze phone it’s not looking too good. I would not call it responsive. Neither the video or the content seems to be responsive, either in portrait or landscape, with the exception of the menu which is the mobile menu and works OK. The content and videos get cut off, even on the blog page.

Just did a quick search of the forum and saw several posts describing problems with the Allegro theme. Maybe best to try another theme. Those free themes listed above from Will @ Themeflood should be fine - all of Will’s themes work as expected and in my experience are great.

Theme Flood offers three free responsive themes with minimal design, better than Empty:

Live previews:

And of course consider any of Will’s paid themes, and take a gander at the many responsive themes in the community site:

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