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I made some stack purchases from 1LD a few weeks ago in their summer sale and I still have not received a link to download them. I have emailed them multiple times with no response. I have email confirmation from PayPal with all the stacks listed. The Twitter account has no activity since early 2018. Any idea whats going on or how I can receive my stacks?

In the footer of the website, you’ll see a “Download Purchased Products” link. Click that, enter your email address and you should receive a link by email to download the products.

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I have tried that, but only one of the newly purchased stacks are listed.

Might seem like a stupid question but are you sure the email address is the same as the one you purchased with?
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That’s not a stupid question, I did check that, even though one of the stacks I bought is on the Purchase History page. I’m missing the other 5 stacks that I bought with the same order.

Good news, 1LD finally got back to me and sent me links to my purchases…


Ahem…umm, I am embarrassed to say that this mix up was my fault. It turns out that on my last order I misspelled my email address :grimacing:. My apologies to Ben Lee and 1LD and my thanks for straightening out my mess.


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