Is PHP version 7.0 OK for foundations?

I was just checking host company and noticed that PHP now has a version 7.0 available. One of my site was still running 5.4 (updated to 5.6) but didn’t know if it is good practice to update to the latest (7.0) when dealing with PHP?

Foundations uses PHP on each page (SEO helper & forms) anyone tried out 7.0 yet?

There is a user on Joe’s Google+ Community that has tested Foundation and PHP 7 and says it runs great.

Thanks @zeebe, will try it on a test URL I keep around, will let you know if I have any problems.

This has less to do with foundation and more to do with the add ons and stacks you are using. Anything PHP related really. This includes contact forms and the like. I would advise against the general use of PHP 7 unless you’re sure the developer of all of the add ons you’re using has tested PHP 7. PHP 7 has introduced a lot of changes. Some of these are not backwards compatible. I would test your pages thoroughly to make sure everything is working.


Again, Brett on Joe’s G+ Community has an extensive form on his site that he has tested with PHP 7 and it works great.

Thanks for the info Greg @goinup. Looks like 7.0 has only been out for a few weeks. Think I’ll stick with 5.6 for awhile.

@teefers you’re welcome :slight_smile: yea, PHP 7 is very new but looks very promising. I’m very excited for all that offers

I have been testing Kuler Sql and it DEFINITIVELY fails on php7 because it does not work on mysqli

I have started working on PHP 7.0 recently and I have not faced any problem till now. I hope it will prove beneficial for your project too.
Good Luck.

I just tried PHP 7 on a Foundation project via MAMP and it worked fine with my site. The only caveat is that MAMP is unlikely to mirror your server setup exactly.

I just checked with my web host and they tell me PHP 7 is not available yet through cPanel but I’m not sure if that applies to everybody running cPanel or just my host.