PHP 5.2-5.4 hosting support question

Hi, we have been informed by our host providers that support for PHP 5.2-5.4 is at an end. Our sites are currently made via RW 6 with themes Serenade by BLT and Flood by theme Flood. How do we go about getting the PHP upgraded to latest versions, upgrade to RW7 use different themes, use either Foundry or Foundation? Apologies if this is a dumb question but don’t know how this works (obviously!). Here’s screen grab of message from Fasthosts our providers.

The PHP version is something that needs to updated on you hosting account. Look in C-panel for the PHP manager. The name can vary so best to see your hosting service’s FAQ or contact them about updating your PHP version. It looks like if you click on “Manage legacy…” it will take you there.

You can search the forum and the realmac knowledgebase for info about upgrading to RW7 etc.

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Thanks for the swift reply. The hosts give 2 versions to upgrade to PHP 5.6 + PHP 7.0. Would it be wise to go to 5.6 first or will PHP 7.0 work with all the themes plug ins and stacks that I have on the sites? Thanks

I would go with 5.6 and then maybe check with the theme developers and stacks/plug-in developers of the themes/stacks/plug-ins you are using to see if they are compatible with PHP 7. PHP 5.6 should work fine though.

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Flood theme has no dependency on PHP. You would be good to use either 5.6 or 7. Any other addons I develop for RW that have dependency on PHP should be 7 compatible too.


Thanks David. Really appreciate your help and advice. Regards Bob.

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Thanks Will, that’s a great help. Regards, Bob.

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