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I have this alert from my provider “PHP Version is 5.3 for this website. This PHP version has been discontinued by the PHP group since August 2014. Please update your site to use a supported PHP release as quickly as possible.”

There are several other PHP options available in the Select Versions drop down menu. Can I just choose one of the other ones via my provider, or is there something in Rapidweaver I should be doing?

Thanks, I don’t really know enough about this and even though I have read the other posts, I don’t want to make the wrong choice and mess-up the site.


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Just pick 7.4

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PHP 7.4 is not in beta. It was officially released in Nov 2019. It’s what I use on my site. I would go with that.

I did change the PHP to 7.4 and on my contact pages, I still get <?php echo check('element0'); ?> in the comment boxes. I contacted Little Oak, my host service and they said
“That is just a bit of code that has made it way to the contact field. This seems to be code that made it’s way though, perhaps it’s older than the PHP version currently and a roll back to a previous version would work. not 5.2 but something newer. 5.6”

That did not seem to work. How cam I get rid of the code in the contact fields?

You have html and php versions of this page on your server. you’ll need to delete the html version. After you’ve done that the PHP one will be served and should work fine:

In theory I understand what you are saying, but in practice, logging into my server I cannot locate the page to delete you are referring to. I have the Contact folder and the contact-form folder, plus the contact.php. I’m not clear which one to remove, as I don’t see the html version.

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Well, I deleted the wrong thing, because now the page will not load at all and I am getting
" Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access this resource."

I tried re-publishing my website, but I’ve obviously wrecked something. Can you advise?

RW does not delete anything from your server related to publishing a new version.
You could delete all your RW files from your server and then just republish all. (Though, notice that this approach might eat your monthly disk space depending your plan and size of your files.)

That sounded like a great idea, thank you. I did it, but now all the formatting is gone from my website. It seems I have created an even bigger problem now. I deleted everything from the server, but am left with this. Any ideas?

and the re-published, but am left with this.

Re-publish ALL files. Then re-check.

Thank you so much, I did, and it worked. Originally I had only marked pages as changed.

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Great that It worked out! :slight_smile:

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