Is The RapidWeaver Show ever coming back? 😱

In short, YES!

We’re starting up The RapidWeaver Show again this week, so…

Do you have any questions you’d like us to answer on the show?

As always, anything goes.

Dan (& Ben)

P.S. You can subscribe here at the new website:


Congrats! Show us how to get/inject unique open graph and description tags into the RW Blog posts?

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congrats… can’t wait!

I second this option!

Right on! Very glad to hear you are cooking something up for new podcasts. I’d like to hear more about Setapp and the model for development and distribution it represents. Clearly, the fine folks of Realmac Software are onboard with this subscription based model, and it would be helpful to hear your rationale for supporting this venture. I’d like to know too how Setapp affects software that one has already downloaded, licensed, and is using. Thanks!

annnnnd, we’re back!

Note the new domain name (, but there’s no need to re-subscribe. Your podcast player will pick up the new episodes as normal :slight_smile:


I’m super happy to hear this news. I don’t know if this is true for others, but I am much more likely to but new stacks, themes and plus-ins when I have been listening to the Pod casts every week. Looking forward to listening on my commute this morning.

@ben The link in the Rapidweaver Community Page still links to the old podcast page. FYI.